LwLAT Launch ACCLAIM Programm

Posted on: 07/01/2019

On Monday 7th January 2019 as part of the joint MAT staff training day the LwLAT ACCLAIM Programme was presented to staff from across the trust.

ACCLAIM is a programme that is being launched at each of the schools within the Learning without Limits Academy Trust. The main aim is to encourage more pupils to take part in activities that are offered within the curriculum, as well as extra-curricular and in the wider community.

It aims to develop the skills of the pupils that we work with by encouraging them to take part in a range of activities across 7 areas.  The 7 areas are; Adventurer, Competitor, Citizen of the world, Leader, Artist, Innovator and Mind to be kind. Pupils keep a log of the activities that they complete and are given time to set targets for areas of development and to reflect on the activities that they have already undertaken.

As pupils complete more challenging tasks they will work up from grow, to thrive and then visible levels. Following the successful completion of different levels, students will be recognised as being a growing, thriving or visible ACCLAIM champion. Graduation ceremonies will be held to highlight and praise the success of our pupils.