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Anna Fisher - Principal

Anna Fisher - Principal

Anna Fisher - Principal

Anna Fisher - Principal

Address The Lancaster Academy
Knighton Lane East
Telephone 0116 2703176


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About Lancaster Academy

We are part of the Learning without Limits Academy Trust, which is a very experienced and expert educational team, supporting us to transform Lancaster into a thriving and successful academy at the heart of the community. In August 2018 we became co-educational, admitting girls for the first time, with now over 200 girls on role. This has added an exciting dimension and a new dynamic to the Lancaster community.

We are proud of our very diverse ethnic, cultural and religious intake, which contributes to the ethos here, encapsulated in our vision for the academy:

 READY for the Future 

We expect every student to excel by attaching huge importance to developing the individual ‘characteristics’ of RESPECT, EMPLOYABILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, DIVERSITY and YOUNG AMBASSADORSHIP. Through this, we can unlock every students’ full personal and academic potential, so that they are ready for the future, ready for the world of work and ready for life. Our aim is to nurture young people who are READY for all the demands of the modern business world, are accountable for their actions, show respect for all and thrive in a diverse community.  Whatever route students take from here, we want them to have a thirst for learning and a readiness for employability. I am proud to be the Principal here. 

Every day is an open day at Lancaster Academy. If you would like the opportunity to look round during the academy day, you will be warmly welcomed. Please make an appointment.

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