Woodstock Primary Academy

Dan Edwards

Dan Edwards - Executive Principal

Dan Edwards - Principal

Address Woodstock Primary Academy
Hattern Avenue
Telephone 0116 2355825


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About Woodstock Primary Academy

Woodstock Primary Academy is a larger than average primary school, with nearly 500 pupils, situated in Stocking Hill Farm on the northern edge of the city of Leicester.

We recently joined other local schools to create the Learning without Limits Academy Trust to share our expertise, learn from others and to work collaboratively with the best to improve the education for our pupils.

Our new logo reflects that our pupils value working together and see our academy as the place where learning has no boundaries – and no limits!

Our curriculum enables children to apply their growth mindset skills – thriving on challenge, working collaboratively and developing their skills to work independently so that they can achieve more than they ever thought possible. They know that it is okay to make mistakes and that persistence is required if you are to succeed at a difficult task.

Our staff are constantly pushing themselves to improve their skills and look for innovative ways to improve their practice. For example, we are working with schools across the city to develop our phonics and reading teaching and we are using teaching strategies used in Singapore to embed problem-solving and reasoning skills in all our maths lessons. We are committed to actively raising the quality of life for every child who enters our doors. We want them, regardless of race, creed or circumstance to achieve their full potential and know that parents and carers are key partners who will join us on this exciting and rewarding journey.


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