Whizz Bang Science - January 2017

Posted on: 31/01/2017

Woodstock and Heatherbrook Primary schools were invited to bring 30 year 6 students to Babington on Monday the 23rd January for a Whizz Bang Science session.

The aim of the activity was to engage and amaze younger children and instil a love of Science.

The children were introduced to safety precautions and practical skills for secondary Science and completed a flame test investigation independently.

Whizz Bang Science demonstrations engaged the children, and then they completed the flame test investigation independently and were involved throughout. Students made good progress which was shown by their answers on the exit tickets:

‘How can we tell if a chemical reaction has happened?’

The session was suitably challenging and all the children completed the tasks to a suitable level, every group had identified the coloured compounds in the different solutions and some had given some excellent answers to questioning during the demonstrations.

They really enjoyed the session, learnt a lot about different chemical reactions and are looking forward to their secondary science lessons.