Learning without Limits Academy Trust

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Vision, Aims and Values

Winning Hearts, Inspiring Minds


Our vision at Learning without Limits Academy Trust is to ensure that all our pupils are heard and have what they need to succeed in life.

Both inside and outside the classroom, we work to educate, inspire and support. We create opportunities and broaden horizons, so that those we teach have great ambitions and the confidence to pursue them.   

We respect every pupil as a person in their own right, so that each is visible, has a voice and is valued. This is how we celebrate their diversity. We are passionate and determined about doing the best by them, so that so they can achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Our strength comes from collaboration and the emphasis on winning hearts and inspiring minds. We know that we achieve more by working together. We are a family and a team. There are no limits to how high we aim, and to what our children and young people, Academies and communities can accomplish.

Our Trust is built upon strong and considerate relationships within our schools, and between staff, pupils and their families. Community is at the heart of what we strive to achieve, and we pride ourselves in serving our communities through everything we do. 

We provide the foundation for our Academies to succeed, with a balanced focus on academic achievement, character development and the wellbeing and safety of everyone within our school community. Our Trust’s support underpins the skills and resources the Academies need to achieve great results.

Our quest for improvement is constant and determined – both in the education we provide and in the life chances we create for the children and young people we teach.


For our children and young people  - We will inspire our pupils, keep them safe and give them the knowledge, skills, experiences, character and confidence to aim higher and succeed in life.

For our staff We will inspire and develop our staff, support their wellbeing and extend their skills, enabling them to provide an excellent education for all our pupils.

For our Academies We will provide leadership and resources to improve our family of Academies, working with them so they can focus on achieving high standards in the classroom.

For our communities - We will place our diverse communities at the heart of everything we strive to achieve, working with them to make a positive difference.




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